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Caleb Janssens Freelance Work

Freelance Work – Videography

Video is by far one of my favorite mediums. Being able to capture moments and turn them into a work of art that will bring out emotion or tells a powerful story has become a past-time of mine. Whether it is behind the camera filming the subject or behind my computer editing the footage, telling stories through video is one of my passions.

Below you can view freelance videos I have worked on in the past.

Previous Work

Psycadillo Cosplay Showcase

I filmed this Cosplay Showcase for Cosplayer Psycadillo to unveil her Eivor Cosplay.

CreateZA Joburg Workshop

This was filmed in collaboration with CreateZA Media, but I was the sole editor for this project.

Plains Zebra Videography Vlog

I filmed this video in collaboration with Psycadillo at Krantzkloof, but the project was edited solely by me.

Lord of The Skies

This is a trailer of the Documentary that I edited in collaboration with Africa Cries Film Productions. I was also part of the camera crew and one of the credited cinematographers.

CreateZA Joburg Workshop

This is a trailer of the Behind The Scenes Documentary for Lord of The Skies. I was part of the camera crew as well as one of the primary editors on this particular project.

Twins In Africa

This is a trailer of the educational series The Adventures of The Twins In Africa. I was part of the film and editing crew that followed Lily and Lara on their adventures across Southern Africa.

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