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Thrive Hive

The Thrive Hive

The Thrive Hive’s mission and vision is to learn and spread the knowledge on the different ways in which we can succeed in our daily lives, businesses and careers. They want to bring a fresh new approach to the African market and make success more tangible and less daunting.
In the coming weeks, they will have an outflow of content based on self-help and self-improvement. They will be speaking to various people in positions of influence and those who have walked the journey of success before us, learning and extracting valuable information from them!
They want to be a community that THRIVES and they are excited to be taking YOU on this journey with them!
What does success mean to you? What are your views on success and what practical ways do you think one can achieve this?

The Thrive Hive:

How to search, engineer and optimize your creativity with Caleb Janssens

Caleb Janssens is a passionate Youtuber, Photographer, Videographer and Web Developer! He has managed to successfully generate a passive stream of income from his content online and is kind enough to share some incredible insights. An important aspect of success for Caleb is the meaningful relationships with his Fiancé and Friends, as well as his connection to God and fulfilling his life with what he believes is his purpose on Earth.

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