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Collaborating and building relationships with like-minded individuals and creators is something that is incredibly important to me. Below are some collaborations I have done with creators on their platforms.

The Weekly Fandomentals

The Weekly Fandomentals – A Zapcast Production

Bringing you the latest local & international Geek News!

The Weekly Fandomentals follows Caleb Janssens & Zaid Motala discussing all the latest news and trends in the geeky sphere! From conventions and events to the latest cinematic releases, all topics are covered here!

The ABCs of Content Creation – A Zapcast Production

Putting the building blocks of Content Creation in place

Content Creation is quickly growing in legitimacy and what makes it so great is that anyone can be a Content Creator! However, there are a lot of misconceptions and falsehoods about it and how to grow your following. In The ABCs of Content Creation, we look at how to effectively grow your audience and following in a safe and healthy way,  as well as increase the quality of your content.

The ABCs of Content Creation
Caleb Janssens with The Jon Project

The Jon Project

How to be a YouTuber (Feat. Caleb Janssens)

Our first ever installment of On The John With The Jon Project. We interview Caleb Janssens and find out what it takes to be a YouTuber in 2021. We learn more about him, his passion for Content Creation & God as well as about YouTube in South Africa and some tips and tricks about how to grow on YouTube in 2021.

The Thrive Hive

How to search, engineer and optimize your creativity with Caleb Janssens

Caleb Janssens is a passionate Youtuber, Photographer, Videographer and Web Developer! He has managed to successfully generate a passive stream of income from his content online and is kind enough to share some incredible insights. An important aspect of success for Caleb is the meaningful relationships with his Fiancé and Friends, as well as his connection to God and fulfilling his life with what he believes is his purpose on Earth.

Caleb Janssens with The Thrive Hive