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My Name (마이 네임) – Netflix Review

Starring: Ahn Bo-Hyun & So-hee Han

My Name (마이 네임)


Yoon Ji-woo’s father dies suddenly. She wants to desperately take revenge on whoever is responsible for her father’s death. Yoon Ji-woo works for drug crime group Dongcheonpa. Choi Moo-jin is the boss of the drug gang. With the help of Choi Moo-jin and to uncover the reason for her father’s death, Yoon Ji-woo joins the police department and becomes a mole for the drug group. Yoon Ji-woo is assigned to work in the drug investigation unit in the police department. Her partner there is Detective Jeon Pil-do.

My Opinion –

So while “My Name” might seem like a generic revenge thriller about a loved one seeking vengeance after a heartbreaking murder takes place – I am happy to say that there is so much more to expect and look forward to! The themes of humanity, betrayal and morality are all explored and a found a few similarities between this show and Bangkok Breaking.

Following a protagonist with a skewed perception of her loyalties and moral compass is always fresh and a great illustration of our collective corrupted humanity. I fell in love with Yoon Ji-woo and her desire to avenge her father but also balancing her ties to the police department and drug group.

The choreography and action sequences were truly breath-taking, and while it may not feel as fluid or fleshed out as bigger budget productions like John Wick but kept the brutal physicality of other Netflix properties like Sweet Girl.

All in all, this is a revenge story you DO NOT want to miss!