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Storm Rising – National Geographic Review

National Geographic

Starring: Mike Theiss, Reed Timmer

Storm Rising


Intercepting deadly storms to gather measurements takes a special breed. For meteorologist and storm chaser Reed Timmer, chasing dangerous weather is a lifelong obsession. In STORM RISING, Timmer will take viewers inside monster storms to capture vital data and reveal Mother Nature’s dark side. Follow along as Timmer and his partner race to intercept headline-making weather events and deploy both high-tech and improvised instruments into the heart of the storm. 

My Opinion – ★★

Storm Rising was a unique viewing experience, a fast-paced documentary where chasing storms is the norm! This unique approach to storytelling puts the viewer in the eye of the storm in a remarkably fresh take on the documentary-style series.

As a film fanatic, the most exciting part of the series was watching how everything was filmed. This is a real-time, unscripted series where the cameramen are in the area and vehicles when the storms hit. You can see and feel the power in the storms as vehicles are pushed around and cameras shake. Watching drones take off and fly towards hurricanes and cyclones for observation and study purposes is exhilarating.

With such a unique pleasurable viewing experience it is worth noting that these events often result in the deaths of civilians and the series does make a point to pay respect to the victims of the storms.