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Why you need to watch “Pig” starring Nicholas Cage

Director: Michael Sarnoski

Starring: Nicholas Cage

Chicago Party Aunt


Robin “Rob” Feld (Nicolas Cage) is a former Portland-based chef-turned reclusive and asocial truffle forager. One night, Rob is assaulted by unidentified assailants who also steal his pig. He returns to Portland to find the person who stole his beloved foraging pig. 

My Opinion –

I am at a loss for words… How could I even sum up the incredible experience I had while watching Pig. A film that completely immersed me in its world and story. I have stated multiple times that this may be my favorite movie of 2021 and that is no lie. In my YouYube Review, I continuously used the word “simple”, and I feel I am going to continue that trend here.

Now, when I say “simple” in no way am I saying easy, or lazy. What I mean by simple is exactly that. it’s is not extravagant, or bombastic. The movie was not afraid to just tell its story and let it speak for itself. The sound design, cinematography, and camera angles were all planned and carried out to simply portray the characters and their stories unfold. The story is the focal point, and it didn’t need to be masked or covered by fancy audio and camera work.

The shots were, again, simple. Each shot took its time, no quick cuts. The shots lingered so the viewer could consume the visuals on screen. Long still shots or even simple panning shots were so well planned out and executed. Again, nothing fancy. No dramatic zooms, crane shots, or intense movements.

The audio was handled in much the same way. The atmosphere and tone of the film were affected so heavily by the score of the film… because it was calm, subdued, and simple. When the movie started I thought my speakers had broken because there was no audio or sound… But that was until I heard the sound of wind and the other ambient sounds of the forest in which the movie starts. The audio is there to push the narrative of the film without overshadowing it. When there is no need for a backing track the film is silent or uses the natural sounds found in the wilderness.

The story itself is simple, focusing on the journey that Nic Cage goes on to find his pig. Nicholas Cage is absolutely phenomenal in this role. I have always been a fan of his, but I can understand why his acting style can be so controversial, however, I do not see how that could possibly be the case here. His performance is perfect and incredibly captivating.

All in all, every single element of this film works together to elevate it into one of the top movies of 2021.